Friday, February 16, 2007

back from hiatus

My long lapse in updating the blog has been due to multiple factors: I was writing a novella for awhile, and when I am working in one kind of writing, I tend to obsess. Also, I spent three weeks in the hoosegow at one point. Not that much fun. And general Life Stuff.

With winter ending, it becomes possible to meet outdoors at the lake or cave. The lack of intense activity last year was my fault in part, and this year I want to do a better job of things.

So what are we? Rob and I had determined, by the end of the year, that we were Chaos Druids, this because we had experimented freely in our workings, including, our last time out, a sigil based on the route we followed wandering through town during a psychogeograpical jaunt following my discovery of Iain Sinclair's books.

For my own part, my recent reading might give an idea of my general drift at this point (Friday, 2/16/07, 9:32 p.m., to be exact):

MASKS OF MISRULE by Nigel Jackson
Robert Cochrane's letters

I will follow this shortly with a much better entry.