Thursday, June 01, 2006

The organizing/formation of the new group is going reasonably well. On Sunday night I ran into a couple in town from Jonesboro wearing their pentagrams down by the parking lot at Chelsea's, and we all hit it off famously. They had already met Kevin at his shop, and they ended up hanging out w/ us most of the evening. It was a good argument for public display of one's paganism, since I never would've approached them if I hadn't been able to identify them. Brandon, the guy, gave me some lines that I want to use in the druidic liturgy I've been working on--I don't know if they're somehow traditional or if he just made 'em up, but I can work out a banishing ritual from the sample he provided.

One topic I wanted to write about here is drug use during ritual, something that I've always felt interesting and while controversial, I guess, certainly based on solid tradition--I'm not only thinking of those shamanic cultures which use various entheogens, but also the famous "witches ointment" of European tradition.

Anyway, I mentioned this in an email to Mike Howard, editor of THE CAULDRON, the British trad witchcraft zine he's been doing for thirty years, and he asked me to write it up as an article. I am obviously excited about this...

Days later, need to post this. I have stumbled across the works of Robin Artisson, a sample website being here:
His works interests me as much as that of Andrew Chumbley.

Right now reading THE CALL OF THE HORNED PIPER by Nigel Jackson. Awaiting a handful of others, incl. Evan John Jones' WITCHCRAFT, A TRADITION RENEWED, THE OLD SOD (a bio of Bill Gray), and CALLING DOWN THE MOON.

I have found my niche.


Blogger Scryberwitch - rational mystic said...

Don - that's awesome. I haven't met any other Pagans here in Fayetteville in quite a while - after PANWA shriveled up and died, I've been kinda fed up with the so-called "Pagan community" around here.
But your little group is an inspiration. I can't wait to come up there for a workshop or discussion! I wish I lived closer...I'd love to be a member. I think I should be your soror mystica.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Don said...

I think so too. Let me know your thoughts on group formation. It's coming together VERY slowly right now. We did our 1st outdoor thing last weekend, and the full moon is the 11th...anyway, nice to see your messagehere.

6:43 PM  

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