Thursday, May 11, 2006

Byways of Magic(k)

Form shapes content. It is an old argument which leads to debate over which is more important. In poetry, the debate is irresolvable--& irrelevevant to our purpose here. But in the Sacred Science, in magick?

We are drawn to whatever magickal current we employ, for diverse reasons. (I use the terminology of Western Ceremonial Magick in referring to "currents" & the use of the "k" in magic(k). The latter point is an historical curiosity/convention; the former, "current," is using a semi-scientific term for something looser, like "religion" or "school of magick" or whatnot. In short, your brand of juju.)

Most of us began, at least, in books, based on our random & then focussed reading. The internet has radically changed that situation; certainly it has increased one's ability to both surf randomly for good connections (a form of magick in itself) and to look for specific further revelations once you've found your thing-of-the-moment.

I have spent the past 15 years researching & dreaming & actively practicing virtually every variety of "magick" I have encountered. But I realized recently that my emphases over the past 7 years in the various "Western Ceremonial" currents had biased me against Wicca (I was taught it was a shallow rip-off of Crowleyian rituals resulting from Gerald Gardner's friendship with the elderly Crowley, and because of Gardner's failed attempts to get "inside" the "real" traditions of the Craft on his own. Not to mention Crowley's own ongoing, habitual, & (I feel) laudable boosterism for the New Age. He either started, re-invented, or took membership in a double handful of various lodges, covens, orders, societies, etc.

As a great booster myself from an early age, I recognize the impulse in Crowley & in Gardner, despite the facts or the wild claims made by every side as to historicity or "lineage" or whatever. I don't care. Wicca is a real thing w/ a lineage of at least half a century, and that's a long time to me.

Where my researches have led me is here: Re-kindling my own progress, my own magickal practice. I find myself drawn to both traditional witchcraft, to the extent that I can find resources and practice them; and to druidism, or rather the offshoot of druidism which began in 1963 as the Reformed Druids of North America. It makes me smile just to say the name. They have as much in common with the Discordians as they do with the more "serious" groups; most splinters which have sprung up from the RDNA seem to have done so in one way or another *because* the RDNA wasn't *serious* enough.

The gods MUST have a sense of humor, though. Just look around.

So: The Green Man Group is a pub moot that meets weekly at Chelsea's Irish Pub in Eureka Springs, usually so far Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Email me at for specific details. The members of our group share interests in, beyond druidism, ceremonial magick, witchcraft and wicca, gnostic voudon, hoodoo, chaos magick, und so weiter.


Blogger Scryberwitch - rational mystic said...

Fabulous idea. I think it's ironic - or maybe just arrogant - that Thelemites criticize Wicca for "stealing" so much from them, and for being so ecclectic. This coming from a tradition taken almost whole cloth from the Golden Dawn, that mixes psuedo-Egyptian gods, Hebrew Qabalism, Eastern Yoga and Tantra.

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