Friday, September 09, 2005

best books

A friend asked me last night what five books I'd recommend him read as good background for magick, for someone who knows nothing much about the subject but is very interested. I think he is doing research for a novel, and he wants it to involve Western Ceremonial Magick rather than, say, Harry Potter magic.

Here are the first five I thought of, off the top of my head. I suppose anyone could come up w/ their own five, and I'd like to see the results. Here are mine:

1) MODERN MAGICK by Donald Michael Kraig. A good beginning book.

2) BIG BLUE by Crowley. An obvious choice, since it contains everything anybody would want/need to practice magick.

3) MAGICK WITHOUT TEARS by Crowley. A gentler, funnier intro than Big Blue, but I stand by it. One of the first things I read.

4) S.S.B.O.T.M.E. by Ramsey Dukes. Brilliant. I got an ebook version for $5 that disappeared when my hard drive crashed b/c I failed to back anything up. Duh. It all makes sense after this.

5) THE SACRED MAGIC OF ABRA-MELIN THE MAGE. I put this here partially for historical reasons and partially just b/c I think it's important. Plus it's cheap and easy to get.

Everybody now send their top 5.


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Blogger Scryberwitch - rational mystic said...

Hmmm... my top five are more occult in general than ceremonial magick in particular.
1. The Chalice & the Blade by Riane Eisler
2. Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler
3. The Spiral Dance by Starhawk
4. everything by Joseph Campbell
5. The Book of Lies, and anthology by Disinfo

8:41 AM  

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