Saturday, August 20, 2005

What is Gnostic Hayride?

I have wanted for months and months to do an occult zine, for the general reader but also for the dedicated magician. My future comments will indicate where I fall in the spectrum of magickal currents--for the time being, I have a handful of items written by myself and friends I'll post here, as in a zine, and hopefully the variety will keep people looking at it frequently. There are no magick zines I'm aware of of either the quality or the frequency of, say, what Ron Silliman does for poetry ( I would like to assay an effort in that direction.

(As for the title, I dreamt it. I was to do a zine called Gnostic Hayride, and in the first issue, as I dreamt it, there was a letter of encouragement from sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick kl(1928-1982). Until that arrives, I will include letters or comments from other readers. Send them to


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